Saturday, October 29, 2011

Accessability and testability

This year's winner for the best presentation at QA&Test 2011 in Bilbao was Julian Harty and I am totally convinced that it was the right choice. Julian did not only present in a very clear style, combining theory with practical examples, but he presented a totally new view to accessability testing (

Does your company care about accessability issues of their products?

We don't! And I don't know of anyone else. It's expensive and normally not worth the effort. Public institutions, of course, need to care about this, but private companies? Why should they care?

Julian's brilliant idea consists in using accessability technology to improve testability of our products! (see his slides, 18)

Brilliant of course because he found another use for accessability which is testability (and search engine optimisation see his slides, 18). Everybody is happy and the product gets improved in various manners: More SEO for the management, more testability for testers, better usability and accessability for the users.

In Germany we have a saying for this: it's like a kinder surprise!
(because it contains - as advertised - three things at the same time: amazement, chocolate AND a toy :-) )

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