Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sunk Cost Fallacy - Let's talk about bias 3

We continue our review of  biases we all have intrinsecally implemented in our own brains that lead us to make certain decisions, as Rolf Dobelli describes in his bestseller The Art of Thinking Clearly.

Sunk Cost Fallacy - Are you Lean enough?

This really is a very useful bias. I believe if we're honest enough with ourselves it helps us to really do a better job saving unnecessary costs for our company.

Without much introduction, two cases that immediately come to my mind:

  1. You see this huge beautiful implementation arriving testing. Verification passes without any flaw. You then notice: validation fails! This is not really what we wanted. Do you dare to create a bug and vote for throwing away / reworking all that hard and good work? Do you try to bend in and persuade any opposing mind to believe that that's what they wanted? Sometimes this is not the worst choice - sometimes clients just don't know what they want XD
  2. You've convinced everybody you need those automated tests / manual test scripts / test management system - whatever - to improve your testing process and all over quality of your product(s). It becomes a nuissance in time, things change, tempora mutantur. Are you willing to let go, to not hold it back anymore? Throw away what lacks purpose and be really lean.

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