Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Social Proof - Let's talk about bias 2

We continue our review of  biases we all have intrinsecally implemented in our own brains that lead us to make certain decisions, as Rolf Dobelli describes in his bestseller The Art of Thinking Clearly.

Social Proof

SCRUM planning session. A tester (role) points out that a certain US should include a some test to minimize risk of failure (functional, non-functional, however). The team and the product owner discuss the risk and convince themselves that the test is not necessary. The tester role has given in and will rest in peace.

The social proof makes you believe a decision is right because everybody else seems to believe it's right.
As tester you then have to ask yourself critically: is it their arguments that convince me or is it them being so convinced that does? If it's their arguments you might rest in peace, really. If not, argument against it or forever remain silent.

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